I’d like to reflect on my home selling experience and thank a very intelligent, compassionate, and HONEST young man. I was hesitant to place my home on the market, but knew it was the best thing to do. It was difficult for me, emotional, and came with a few obstacles. I’m still in the process of the move. However…. Without the brilliant knowledge, kind words, reassurances, patience, persistence, professionalism, advice, and diligent hard work from my Realtor, I would’ve been lost. Patrick eased my fears, tamed my anxieties, answered my questions (repeatedly, I had A LOT of them), made me laugh, and overall brightened my experience. He was available….always. He thoroughly coached and advised me before, during, and after I put the house on the market. He explained every process, every requirement, every “t” that needed to be, and was crossed, and every “i ” that needed to be, and was dotted. He was educated on the latest updates in the market. I didn’t feel like he was a vulture just out to make his commission (I’ve heard a lot about that these days)……he truly had my best interests at heart. He taught me things. Things that are not only useful in the present, but also in the future. Patrick Laurienti……THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

– soniahuertacase

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