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Brian Etterlein

Broker Associate

“The top pinnacles for the foundation of my business are honesty, creativity,
sincerity and loyalty. I have always had a enchantment with real estate since, I
was a child. My father’s success in real estate investing has exposed me to the
language and nuances that surround this industry. From there, I became
fascinated with architecture, design and local. My clients are not just
transactions; they are my friends. My goal is to create long lasting relationships
with my clients and help them find roots in the right home for their unique and
ever changing lives.
I am always in search of a new and exciting experience to enrich my life. In my off
time I enjoy cooking new recipes, entertaining for friends, traveling, landscaping,
woodworking and DIY projects. Denver’s vibrant food scene is such a fun way to
learn about neighborhoods and rare city finds. I love hiking, skiing, snowshoeing,
paddle boarding and camping. Denver’s proximity to the Mountains keeps my
appetite for the outdoors satiated for sure!”

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