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Lynn Eckell

Broker Associate

Born and raised in the lively woods of Wallingford Pennsylvania, Lynn Eckell has carried a spirit of energy and authenticity since day one in the East. Taking on all of the benefits of Coast culture, Lynn earned her BA in Speech Communication and a minor in Marketing and Business at West Chester University.

Harboring an ambition as large as her personality, Lynn resolved to conquer the West after visiting a friend living in Breckenridge Colorado. By 1993 Lynn had made the Mountains of Summit County her home. Yearning for the bustle & opportunity of city life, Lynn relocated to the Mecca of the Mid-West: Denver Colorado, in the year 2000. She worked as an event planner and a bartender in the hospitality industry for 3 years, where she built her sphere of influence and cultivated her capacity for closing. Within that short time, Lynn catapulted herself from holding down the bar as a server, to holding up the company as the chief of hotel sales at the Marriott Premier Luxury Hotel in Denver.

Impressed by her sales acumen and clear-cut results, she was courted and recruited by Destination Hotels – the largest independent hospitality management company in the country. Within a year she was promoted to Senior Sales Manager for the entirety of the Inverness Hotel corporation.

With a sharp wit and indefatigable determination, Lynn works (alongside her Pup Lil’ Bud) to help clients find exactly what they are looking for, execute, and get RESULTS. The referrals keep coming because Lynn keeps hustling, hosting first time home buyer seminars, creating valuable video content, and haggling her personal assistant to come to her house on weekends to chase success! He’s happy to do so 😉 as he’s been so thoroughly inspired by her charisma and capacity.

Call Lynn today to schedule a meeting, and she’ll go to work to get you the results you deserve!


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