Cammy Abbey

This is My Story

With the last name of Abbey, you can already expect great things from our sublime Secretary.

For over 20 years, Cammy was employed as a social worker, refining networking skills and navigating how best to benefit her clients. Then Cams worked in the Public School system as an aide to children in remedial education programs, refining her capacity for empathy, diplomacy, and problem solving.  Finally, Camsters tried her hand at business, running her own massage therapy company successfully for over 4 years. It was during this endeavor that Cammy solidified sharp organizational skills, cultivated a deep understanding of financial record keeping, and developed indispensable ‘cat wrangling’ acumen that would help her to transition smoothly into the position of chief secretary at Remax Urban Properties.

Her application of structure in the brokerage is paramount in providing the support the agency needs to continue their skyrocketing success!! We are lucky to have her on our team!

Cammy Abbey

Chief Secretary | Remax Urban Properties

Cell: 712-490-2144


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